Artist Creates Indoor Clouds

Berndnaut Smilde is the Dutch artist behind these real images of a cloud suspended in a room.
To create this effect, Smilde carefully adjusts the room’s humidity and atmosphere to create the perfect conditions where he can puff out a blast of smoke and let it hang so interestingly in the middle of the room. ¬†So it’s not so much an indoor cloud as it is a puff of smoke lingering about but the display is thoughtful and absorbing.
“I wanted to make the image of a typical Dutch raincloud inside a space,” Smilde¬†told Gizmag. “I’m interested in the ephemeral aspect of the work. It’s there for a brief moment and then the cloud falls apart. The work only exists as a photograph.”


Of course, this writer is not impressed until he can linger one of those babies over Eeyore for an entire gloomy afternoon.