Fallout 4 • How to Max Your Character out

Paste the code below into a txt file named badass under your fallout 4 install (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4) (or download this one and throw it in there), then in the console [~] type bat badass

player.setav STRENGTH 10
player.setav PERCEPTION 10
player.setav ENDURANCE 10
player.setav CHARISMA 10
player.setav INTELLIGENCE 10
player.setav AGILITY 10
player.setav LUCK 10
player.addperk 00065E43
player.addperk 00065E05
player.addperk 001797EA
player.addperk 000264D8
player.addperk 00065E2B
player.addperk 001D2489
player.addperk 001D2488
player.addperk 00065DFC
player.addperk 001D2482
player.addperk 00065E3D
player.addperk 001D248F
player.addperk 00065E52
player.addperk 000D2287
player.addperk 001D246A
player.addperk 00065E13
player.addperk 001D2495
player.addperk 00065E4C
player.addperk 0004C92C
player.addperk 001D2477
player.addperk 001D245A
player.addperk 00065E5E
player.addperk 00024B01
player.addperk 001D2467
player.addperk 00065E0C
player.addperk 001D247B
player.addperk 00024AFE
player.addperk 001D1A63
player.addperk 00065E23
player.addperk 001D2485
player.addperk 001D2457
player.addperk 001D246E
player.addperk 001D244E
player.addperk 001D2450
player.addperk 001D2468
player.addperk 001D2463
player.addperk 001D248C
player.addperk 001D02B7
player.addperk 000207D1
player.addperk 00065E35
player.addperk 0016578E
player.addperk 001D245D
player.addperk 001D2483
player.addperk 0016578F
player.addperk 001D2458
player.addperk 001ACF96
player.addperk 001D2471
player.addperk 00065E38
player.addperk 00065E24
player.addperk 00065E0D
player.addperk 000B9881
player.addperk 001D2491
player.addperk 001E0791
player.addperk 000E3705
player.addperk 001D2478
player.addperk 001D2452
player.addperk 001D245C
player.addperk 00215CD4
player.addperk 001EB99C
player.addperk 001D2494
player.addperk 001D2460
player.addperk 00065E04
player.addperk 0004C921
player.addperk 00065E3F
player.addperk 001D245B
player.addperk 001D247E
player.addperk 001D248E
player.addperk 00065E32
player.addperk 001D2476
player.addperk 00065DF6
player.addperk 001D248D
player.addperk 00065E34
player.addperk 001D2474
player.addperk 00065DF5
player.addperk 001D248E
player.addperk 00065E32